How To Overcome The Fear Of Starting Up Your Own Business

My mum and my sister and also one of my best friends have started up their own businesses in the last year which I think is amazing and I know it's something that a lot of people would love to do but are perhaps scared so I have gathered up some advice and tips I have learnt from them and thought I would share with you here.

Never doubt yourself

Believe in yourself.  You obviously started on this journey for a reason and know that you're good at whatever it is you're starting up so don't doubt yourself.  If you believe in you and what you're doing then others will too.

Go for it, no regrets

Try not to keep thinking what if.  If you don't take a leap of faith and go for it then you will always live in regret and that is way worse.

There will be failures

Of course not everything is going to go to plan but that's what makes it all worth it.  Things will go wrong but you will pick yourself and try again.

Be prepared to work hard

Don't expect it to come easy just because you're good at it.  You are going to have to work your socks off, long hours and possibly not earn much money in the beginning but eventually it will all pay off.

The best is yet to come

This is one of my favourite sayings and it's so true.  I may not have started up my own business but I am working towards qualifying as a lawyer and although I've had a lot of set backs along the way I know the best is yet to come which keeps me going.

Do you have any advice for starting up your own business?

Lauren xx

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Now that autumn is nigh I have been looking around for more earthy colours and tones and one shade that has been standing out to me and which I noticed a lot during New York Fashion Week is a rosy pink colour.  I've never been the biggest fan of pink as I find it too girly for my personality but a dusky blush tone can be very chic and anything but girly.

Here are two of my favourite pink looks I've been wearing:

And here are some items from my ASOS wishlist..

How do you feel about the pink trend?

Lauren xx

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Superdrug Haul

Every now and again I like to check out the popular products in the drugstore and do a little haul.  Super drug is definitely my favourite drugstore because the brand itself are activists against animal cruelty and therefore I know that anything I buy from them will not be tested on animals.

I only went in for a mascara..

This was the main reason for my trip.  I tend to buy a new mascara every 3 months or so and I generally check out the reviews beforehand as I like to try something I haven't tried before even if I really love one I've used previously.  This time around I went for the Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster mascara as it had high reviews on the website.  The brush is a funny shape but looks like it will give lots of volume.

The other product I wanted to get was a hydrating mist.  I'm currently using the Mario Badescu rose water one every morning which I love but I'm nearly out so thought I'd give a drugstore one a go.  I really love the vitamin e range as it's targeted at dry skin like mine.  I tested some of my face when I got home and it feels nice but slightly oilier than the Mario Badescu one.

Another favourite brand of mine is Nip + Fab as they are also cruelty free.  Superdrug often has offers on this brand as they can be slightly more expensive than the average drugstore products.  The dragon's blood shots were half price so I thought I would see what the hype was about.  It contains hyaluronic acid which is supposed to be really hydrating and anti-ageing!

Lastly I picked up some face masks as I try to do one once a week.  They're only 99p and are currently doing 342.  I got the dead sea purifying mask which now I realise is for oily skin but I'll give it a go, I got an exfoliating one and a cocktail peel-off one for fun :)

Have you purchased anything from the drugstore lately?

Lauren xx

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New Skincare Routine

Every 6 months or so I try to switch up my skincare routine.  I think it's important to do this because of the change in seasons but also your skin naturally changes over time and so its needs and wants will change too.

My skin type is normal to dry so hydration and moisturisation are key in my skincare routine.  With some help from my beauty therapist I feel I have really got my skincare routine down to where my skin is pretty much clear of blemishes and dry patches and I am overall quite happy with.

Step 1

To take my makeup off I use either the Renaissance cleanser from Oskia or the hot cloth cleanser by Naturally Radiant at Superdrug.

Step 2

Then I like to double cleanse to make sure all the makeup and dirt are completely gone.  For this I use either the Philosophy cleanser or the Dermalogica cleansing gel.

Step 3

In the mornings I will spray my face with the Mario Badescu rose water but in the evenings I like to use something with hyaluronic acid in it so either the Pixie toner or the Nip&Fab pads.

Step 4

A good eye cream.  At the moment I'm using the vitamin e one from Superdrug but I'm open to suggestions for others?

Step 4

I use a serum as this is slightly stronger than a moisturiser so you want to use it underneath.  The one I use it the hydrating one by Simply at Superdrug.

Step 5

The last step is a moisturiser.  In the day it's something by the Naturally Radiant range at Superdrug (LOVE this range for dry/dull skin) and in the evenings it's either a face oil or the moisturiser by Weveda.

I also like to use an exfoliator twice a week like the Nip&Fab once which has hyaluronic acid in it.

What does your skincare routine look like?

Lauren xx

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Outfits Of The Week

Playsuit - Glamorous UK
1. Jacket - Zara, Top - ASOS, Chinos - Primark, Shoes - Next
2. Top - ASOS

1. Dress - Boohoo, Shoes - Primark
2. Jacket - Tesco, Shoes - Next

Eyewear - Rayban, Cardigan - Banana Republic, Bag - Primark, Shoes - Converse

Shirt - Pretty Little Thing, Shorts and Trainers - New Look

Which is your favourite look?

Lauren xx

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Current Favourite Instagrammers

Instagram is hands down my favourite app at the moment as I think is the same for most people especially in the blogging world.

To be honest, there's only 2 types of Instagram accounts I follow; fashion and food because really those are the most important, right?!

Here are some of my faves:









Comment below your favourite Instagrammers so I can check them out!  My handle is @wonky_lauren, what's yours?

Lauren xx

Black and Khaki

Images via Pinterest

I'm loving this colour combo lately.  What do you think about it?  I think it will be a great one for autumn and I particularly love the first outfit ;)

Lauren xx

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5 Things Caffeine Does To Your Body

I've never been much of a coffee addict, preferring only to have it when I meet with friends at the weekend rather than every day.  I do, however, love an energy drink until I read about the nasty side effects of coffee.  Now I prefer to have a Berocca or a multivitamin tablet in my water to give me a boost and here's why...

1.  It gives you insomnia

2.  It can make you nervous or anxious

3.  It can cause an upset stomach

4.  It speeds up your heartbeat

5.  It can cause headaches

Do you get any bad side effects from too much caffeine?  I definitely experienced anxiety and that's when I knew I had to give it up!

Lauren xx

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I was never a girly girl and still aren't really but recently I can't get enough of the colour pink!  I try to wear it in a less girly way and only a pop of it but here are some latest looks where I've incorporated different shades of pink!

Top from ASOS
Shoes from Primark

Jumper from ASOS

Boots from Office

Can you tell my favourite shade of pink??

Lauren xx

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Blue Denim and Stripes

This is my new favourite combo!

What do you think?

Lauren xx

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Outfits Of The Week

1. Shorts - New Look
2. Shirt - Primark, Shoes - New Look
1. Shirt - New Look, Trousers - Zara
2. Skirt - HM, Trainers - New Look

1. Top - Pull & Bear, Leggings - HM, Trainers - Nike
2. Dress - New Look

Top - ASOS
Overalls - Levi
Trainers - Lacoste

Which is your fave?

Lauren xx

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What's In My Handbag

I haven't done one of these in ages so here is an updated version!  My handbag is the Mulberry Alexa in navy suede.

Pressed powder
Compact mirror
Train ticket
Sunglasses (this is London, gotta be prepared for all weather types!)
Hand cream
Reusable plastic bag
Portable battery charger

What do you like to carry in your bag?  Is there anything I'm missing?

Lauren xx

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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to try the new restaurant/bar in Streatham called The Mere Scribbler where I had possibly the best avocado toast of my life.. bold statement right there!  They have a really great menu with your typical pub grub but also a mixture of other cuisines and most importantly they cater for vegans!

The bar staff are super friendly and accomodating.  They even allow dogs in there.  They also have a lovely beer garden out the back for when the weather finally warms up in London!

I would definitely recommend trying this place if you haven't already.  They have TVs showing the football and a great cocktail menu, you honestly can't fault it.  The decor is really trendy with a slight vintage feel and you see people in there working on laptops (myself included!) or mum's catching up over coffee.

Definitely check it out if you're in the Streatham Common area!

Can you recommend any other good places in London for brunch?

Lauren xx

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Off The Shoulder

I'm so happy that the off the shoulder trend is still around this year, I've seen so many nice versions of these style tops around and it's had me super excited for summer.  Speaking of summer, how nice has the weather been in London lately?  Praying it stays like this now until September.. too much to ask?!

Anyway, here are some of my favourite off the shoulder tops and dresses at the moment:




What do you think of the off the shoulder trend?

Lauren xx

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Trainers To Add To Your Wardrobe This Spring

I used to be such a heels girls and would wear them at every opportunity I got and although I still love them (check out my shoe wall to see more) for the last year or so I have been gravitating towards trainers and more casual shoes like Converse.  Before, these were only reserved for running errands or at the gym but now I even pair them with dresses and wear them to the pub!

Here are some of my recent purchases:
Vans - Office

New Look

And here I'm some on my wishlist:

Kurt Keiger
New Look

How do you feel about trainers for spring?

Lauren xx

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Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Always use a primer

I know a lot of people skip this step and I always used to as I didn’t think it would make much of a difference but if you get the right one it’s can really help your makeup last and stop is getting too oily.  For my dry skin I love using illuminating primers such as this one by Sleek.

Dampen your beauty blender

Sounds really obvious but you’d be surprised the amount of people that use a dry sponge to apply their makeup, I’ve caught so many of my friends doing this!  Using it damp will smoothen your foundation and concealer out, creating an airbrushed finish and overall give a more natural look.

Curl your lashes

I’m not really a fan of false lashes as I’m quite lucky to have pretty long lashes but I do find that they don’t always curl upwards and instead go straight out.  By using a lash curler before your mascara it will really add volume and length which I also love on days when I don’t want any mascara but still a little something.

Lipliner as a lipstick

I find lipliners have more staying power than most lipsticks and if I really want them to last the whole day or night I’ll just put one all of my lips and then either add a lippie on top or stop just there.  They also give a great matte finish if you like that look, which I do!

Setting spray

Like the primer I never thought this was something I needed and then I bought one and now I use it every single day!  It’s hold your makeup in place and stops it looking too powdery.  I also love the cooling effect when I’m in a rush in the mornings.  I use this one from Makeup Revolution.

Do you have any makeup tips to add?

Lauren xx

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